We never get tired of wonderful things appearing on our dashes, right? Absolutely. It’s what part of what keeps us on tumblr. Well here’s another source for everyone to enjoy.

What you can expect: I very very VERY clearly have biases but I’ll try to keep things even since not everyone has the same biases (just most people :P). Sometimes when its needed or if I just need to get it off my chest there’ll be group-based rants.

Fun bits: When people actually start following you’re open to submit your favorite gifs, pictures, videos, even macros!!!! Just no confessions. Please. Seriously.

15 Selcas of Dongwoo 

vixx: that one time by the water filter (trans cr)

Apparently the maknae line is also getting meaner

Hoaegi strikes backstage ( *^∇^)ノ

make me choosekenbin or raken

     ↳asked by hyuksic

hongbin decided to become a singer after watching a non-celebrity perform at his school. he ended up debuting in the same group as that non-celebrity (vixx’s ken) (cr.)

make me choose
jonghyun vs. key


               Surface: Being teased by the Woob.

Henry revealed his method on how to seduced a girl that he likes. He said that from his experience, girls likes men who speaks English. So when he meet a girl to his style he would go up next to the girl and do a fake phone call, then he would talk loudly and use difficult English on purpose. (cr)

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