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The Omnifan
Two Meg(h)ans trapped in the kpop fandom. Shawols, Inspirits, Banas, ST☆RLIGHTs, the Good Side of the Exo Fandom, Triple S, Cassiopeia, and one very enthusiastic Royal Treasure. There's a lot more too, stop by and chat!
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tvN First Day of Work 오늘부터 출근preview
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happy birthday my little ray of sunshine! with every grin my love for you swells more and more. thank you for being our one and only lee hongbin. #HAPPY_KONGDAY

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Where do I apply to be a manager…

happy birthday hingbongbin!!! #HAPPY_KONGDAY

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Leo singing Mirotic 

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Taking pictures of an embarrassed Taekwoon

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But wait… If we don’t kno if jessica got fired….and sm don’t kno if jessica got fired…then who’s flying the plane!?

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Aloha~ [x]


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I can’t even think of anything when he’s looking at me like that.