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The Omnifan
Two Meg(h)ans trapped in the kpop fandom. Shawols, Inspirits, Banas, ST☆RLIGHTs, the Good Side of the Exo Fandom, Triple S, Cassiopeia, and one very enthusiastic Royal Treasure. There's a lot more too, stop by and chat!
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shut the fuck up

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focus on your bubble youngjae! (´▽`;)

on the phone with a cute fan ~

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ok n

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A friend for my entire life.
"My lifelong friend, Taekwoon! I thought about the moments that I was with you. You were always with me even when I am sad! When I first met you, I thought you and I were really different, but I think we could be friends because of the differences between us."
       —n (about leo)

My heart’s friend.
"I am thankful to N as a friend and also as a leader. I appreciate that when I was unwell, he was more worried than anyone else. I am also grateful he helped me get through the times I felt troubled.
      —leo (about n)

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never change nam woohyun… never change…

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f(vixx) ♡

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leo hitting hongbin because he won’t stop laughing 

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