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The Omnifan
Two Meg(h)ans trapped in the kpop fandom. Shawols, Inspirits, Banas, ST☆RLIGHTs, the Good Side of the Exo Fandom, Triple S, Cassiopeia, and one very enthusiastic Royal Treasure. There's a lot more too, stop by and chat!


Ji really wants it…

sneaky taekook and their ice cream

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[PHOTOS] 140821 The Star - Taeil

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Lee Soo Hyuk - Sep Men’s Vogue

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"As your life savior, for a while, I have to meddle in your life. From now on, you better stop from dying, getting hurt, or acting dangerously" 

Ice Bucket Challenge - Zico

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bangtan sonyeondan, everyone.

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can you imagine MCountdown backstage though →


SY: guys it’s important to not get our hopes up because we have just debuted and we probably won’t win anything, so let’s stay humble and just enjoy the fact that we’re here

M: okay can i go to block b now

SY: *ignores* let’s just smile and thank the fans even if we don’t…